Microwave Lava Cake

This recipe is for desperate women late at night. You know…for those days you need something sweet and chocolate-y late at night but are too tired to drive. I have made the chocolate microwave mug cake before, and it’s alright. A bit rubbery but ok. I wanted to try something different to offset the rubberiness, and decided to try a lava cake. Full disclosure, it wasn’t gooey in the middle, but I suspect I cooked it a bit too long so it may work with less time in the microwave.

2 T butter

1 heaping T cocoa

3 T sugar

1 egg

1 heaping T flour

In large mug put butter and 1 heaping T of cocoa, plus 1 T. of the sugar. Microwave until smooth. In a separate bowl whisk the egg with the remaining sugar until smooth and frothy. Add to butter cocoa mixture and add the flour, then whisk until smooth. Cook in microwave for 1 minute 30 seconds on 70% power. 

I poured whipping cream over mine and topped with a generous spoonful of homemade triple berry jam. It was really really nice and hit the spot perfectly.


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